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About Jet Ski Mamzar Tour

If you are planning to visit Dubai and are looking for an exhilarating adventure to enjoy with your loved ones, then the Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tour is ideal for you. Centred in the Al Mamzar beach of Sharjah, the experience allows you to explore the mesmerising attractions that surround the UAE capital city. Choose from a variety of powerful jet skis that smoothly zip through the gulf waters and guarantee an adrenaline rush like no other.

There are several package options for the Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tour, so choose from ride durations of 30 minutes, one hour, and two hours. And if your lack of expertise in water sports is what’s holding you back from booking this tour, then don’t worry as you would be guided and accompanied throughout the ride by professionally trained and certified experts. Witness the crystal-clear waters of the Persian Gulf and the enchanting Jumeirah Beach as well as numerous local attractions from your jet ski ride. Your safety is a promise, and you would be provided with the latest safety equipment to ensure the same. So, if you and your loved ones are above the age of ten years and know how to swim or at least tread waters, then come along for the Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tour.

Why Book Jet Ski Mamzar With Us?

  • Top-notch Services:Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tours guarantee safety and thrills like no other. Ride powerful and exhilarating Yamaha and Kawasaki jet skis while being equipped with the latest safety gear. You would also get to ride through the Dubai waterfront from the Al Mamzar at your own pace, accompanied by certified training instructors. Take home bewitching photos and videos captured of your memorable jet ski ride off Dubai’s shores.

  • Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience:Explore the waterfront attractions of Dubai on your Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tour. Witness the refreshing waters of the Persian Gulf as you admire the architectural wonders that are Dubai’s skyscrapers and modern structures.

  • Certified Training Instructors:Years of expertise and the unmatched love for thrilling extreme water sports among tourists have led to the inclusion of a team of professionally certified training instructors. The instructors teach you the basics of jet-skiing as you learn how to operate the powerful vehicles. They also accompany you throughout the Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tour to ensure your safety and security.

  • Unmatched Location:The exhilarating Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tours are conducted at the most iconic location of Dubai, its Persian Gulf shoreline. The calm crystal-clear waters of the gulf are a hub of extreme water sports, the most popular of which is jet-skiing. And once you are done with your thrilling adventure, indulge in the numerous leisure activities that abound at the Al Mamzar beach.

Jet Ski Mamzar Highlights

  • The Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tour is centred around the Al Mamzar beach of Sharjah and is one of the most sought-after experiences on the beach.
  • Guests can indulge in experiences with different time limits. Choose from the tour options that last 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 120 minutes. You can also decide on lesser time limits as per your convenience.
  • Ride some of the most powerful jet skis, like the Yamaha and Kawaski, as you explore the surrounding areas of Dubai.
  • Zoom through the waters with the latest safety gear to protect you, and professionally trained experts who would accompany you throughout the Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tour.
  • Don’t worry about licenses, one doesn’t need to have a license to experience the Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tour. You would also get accidental insurance for certain sections of the ride.
  • Necessary equipment like helmets and safety vests are provided during the ride, so hop on the powerful jet ski and have the fun of a lifetime.

Inclusion in Jet Ski Mamzar

  • A powerful, best-in-class jet ski is provided to you as per your choice.
  • Instructions regarding the safety and operation of the jet skis would be provided by certified professionals.
  • A jet ski ride lasting 30 minutes, one hour, or two hours, according to the package you selected at the time of booking, would be provided.
  • A professionally trained expert who would accompany you throughout the Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tour is included.
  • Life jackets, helmets, and gloves are provided as part of the necessary safety equipment required for a jet ski ride.
  • Accidental insurance is included in the Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tour for the Jumeirah area, but not for the Sharjah area.

Points to Remember While Jet Skiing in Mamzar

  • It is mandatory to provide original and valid proof of identity before the Jet Ski in Dubai Mamzar tour.
  • It is required of visitors to book the ride at least 24 hours in advance to ensure availability and accessibility of the experience.
  • Children below the age of ten years are not permitted on the Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tour. Those aged between 10 and 18 years old would need to be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian to participate in the jet ski ride.
  • Visitors are required to be able to swim or at least be able to tread in waters. They are, however, not required to have prior experience riding jet skis.
  • In case of unfavourable weather conditions or unforeseen technical difficulties, the scheduled Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tour would be cancelled. It can be rescheduled as per your convenience or you can ask for a full refund.
  • It is advised that you thoroughly check the jet ski before heading off for your ride.
  • Visitors are requested not to visit the restricted areas during the Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tour for their own safety.

FAQ's Related To Jet Ski Mamzar Tour

What is the minimum age requirement to ride a Jet Ski in Mamzar?

The minimum age requirement for driving a jet ski during your Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tour is sixteen years. If you wish to simply ride the jet ski as a passenger, then you need to be a minimum of fourteen years old.

Is Jet Skiing in Al Mamzar safe to do?

A Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tour is an exciting yet safe activity. Your safety and security are of utmost importance and thoroughly checked and ensured throughout the ride. Guests are provided with clear security instructions and life jackets that they would be required to wear for the entire duration of the ride. A crew member professionally trained in first aid would also accompany the guests throughout the ride to ensure there are no slip-ups and that you are safe.

What are the opening hours of the jet ski activity in Mamzar?

Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tours begin from 9 AM on all days and can be indulged in till the sun sets.

What are the things to carry while Jet Skiing in Al Mamzar?

When you head out for your Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tour, it is advised that you carry jet-ski-appropriate swimwear, waterproof shoes, eye goggles, a cap, and an extra pair of socks. It is recommended that you do not carry extra accessories, wallets, and mobile phones when you hop on board the jet ski.

What to wear while Jet Skiing in Mamzar?

There are no rules in place regarding what one should wear while on their Jet Ski Dubai Mamzar tour. It is advised that guests wear appropriate jet ski attire, which is generally a swimsuit, a pair of waterproof shoes that offer proper grip and are comfortable, a pair of eye goggles to protect your eyes from the sea waters, and a safety jacket that guests are provided with before the start of the jet ski tour.


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